About the Foxtrot lab

A simple and secure routing network based on bitcoin cryptography. https://github.com/bitpay/foxtrot

Hi. So we need what Foxtrot is intended to provide. At least I think we do, so please let me know if I got that right:

Foxtrot allows me to provide a simple temporary storage for “completely anonymous” peer to peer messages. Running the server I can decide how long to keep messages and eventually if I want to delete them when they were picked up by the destinated peer. A peer might use different devices that all should be able to receive the messages, so keeping messages after they were delivered is essential.

So in much the same way the sender could send messages to himself to sync state between clients.

So I described what I need and the thing I’m struggling with is how to prevent DOS attacks by clients dumping TB of data. How would throttling work in Foxtrot?

Messages have a sender that also signs the message, so messages can’t be spoofed.

(Maybe: Messages can be replaced by higher version messages.)