Adding (sub)domains

Hi …

I have set up a BitCore server, with a full node, the insight and the insight-api modules.
All is working fine and the blockchain is almost in sync.

I now want to move to the next level and attach the insight-ui and the insight-api to my domain and create easy access.
Making the api accessible via was a peace of cake …
I am behind a firewall and us an NginX server to reverse proxy to [internal-ip]:3001/insight-api

Now I want to do the same for the Insight UI, but when I redirect to [internal-ip]:3001/insight it fails to find the api and modules.
Can anyone push me in the right direction?

It’s working on and I want something simillar …

Thanx in advance …

There are a few configuration options to change the paths of the API:

Hi Braydon,

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunatelly this only does routing to a subfolder with an other name, how about routing to an other subdomain?
I do not have any knowledge of Node.JS, sorry

The apiPrefix could include a full URL include a subdomain, however I haven’t verified this. If not it may be possible to add another configuration option to specify the apiHost, perhaps.