Altcoins with bitcore

My understanding is that bitcore will work for most bitcoin forks (altcoins) by adding new calls to addNetwork in networks.js, alongside the calls that add bitcoin and the testnet.

My question, where are each of these values found in the bitcoin codebase? If I know where they are found in the bitcoin codebase, it should be easy to find them in the Litecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, etc. codebase as well.

The docs don’t explain much what each value is describing.

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Please take a look at to see how bitcoin’s livenet and testnet networks are added.

Yeah, thats what my first sentence is all about.

Take a look at this link:

Thats me trying to figure out what values to use for Peercoin. I was able to find most of the values except for scripthash, xpubkey, and xprivkey.

The problem, is that the bitcore docs don’t say about what these values are.

If I knew where xpubkey exists in the bitcoin codebase, I can more easily find that value in the Peercoin codebase or the Dogecoin codebase…

scripthash, xpubkey, and xprivkey are the version numbers for p2sh addresses, extended public keys, and extended private keys, in base58Check format. This is what makes them all start with the same letters (i.e: ‘3’ in the case of p2sh addresses, ‘xpub’ for extended public keys, and ‘xpriv’ for extended private keys).

You won’t find the last two in bitcoin’s codebase, it doesn’t support HD keys