Basic question about the values of JSON properties for /txs/[address]?


URL: curl http://localhost:3001/insight-api/txs/?address=186pHM1up927B9MC27aaics6B8W7bfVpQn

Part of the result:

Can someone PLEASE explain what precisely the vout and n paramater refer to inside the vin object ?

I am trying to find BTC amount for transactions for an address and am confused as heck! There are multiple vins and (using vout or n ?) pointing to multiple vouts and just can’t wrap my head around it.

Would really appreciate any help

  • vout in an input (vin), is in reference to the previous output index, specifying which output in a transaction is the source of the funds
  • n is the index position of a vin or vout, e.g. n of 1 is the same as vin[1]

Thanks, that helped lots!