Hello everyone,

I ran into this problem after upgrading bitcoind from 0.12 (the that comes out of the box) to Now when I run bitcored I get an error:

[2017-11-30T10:34:32.791Z] error: uncaught exception: [RangeError: index out of range]
[2017-11-30T10:34:32.792Z] error: RangeError: index out of range
at checkOffset (buffer.js:700:11)
at Buffer.readUInt32LE (buffer.js:762:5)
at BufferReader.readUInt32LE (/home/ubuntu/mynode2/node_modules/bitcore-lib/lib/encoding/bufferreader.js:81:22)
at Transaction.fromBufferReader (/home/ubuntu/mynode2/node_modules/bitcore-lib/lib/transaction/transaction.js:314:27)
at Transaction.fromBuffer (/home/ubuntu/mynode2/node_modules/bitcore-lib/lib/transaction/transaction.js:297:15)
at Transaction.fromString (/home/ubuntu/mynode2/node_modules/bitcore-lib/lib/transaction/transaction.js:477:8)
at Bitcoin._zmqTransactionHandler (/home/ubuntu/mynode2/node_modules/bitcore-node/lib/services/bitcoind.js:647:8)
at null. (/home/ubuntu/mynode2/node_modules/bitcore-node/lib/services/bitcoind.js:713:12)
at emitThree (events.js:97:13)
at emit (events.js:175:7)

Did anyone manage to make it work with the latest version of Bitcoin Core? Did you experience this error? If yes, how could you resolve it?

Where did you get bitcoind 0.15? as far as I know the bitpay branch does not actively develop on their bitcoind branch and the latest version to build ffrom their github page is 0.14.## but that one doesn’t include the extra leveldb indexes, 0.13.rc2 is the last complete version,

I think mixing bitcore with bitcoin-core (https// is the reason your install is broken, you should instead get bicoind at for a working version but remind to check wich branch to check out if you care for the extra indexes