(Pavel Bastov) #1

Hello everyone,

I ran into this problem after upgrading bitcoind from 0.12 (the that comes out of the box) to Now when I run bitcored I get an error:

[2017-11-30T10:34:32.791Z] error: uncaught exception: [RangeError: index out of range]
[2017-11-30T10:34:32.792Z] error: RangeError: index out of range
at checkOffset (buffer.js:700:11)
at Buffer.readUInt32LE (buffer.js:762:5)
at BufferReader.readUInt32LE (/home/ubuntu/mynode2/node_modules/bitcore-lib/lib/encoding/bufferreader.js:81:22)
at Transaction.fromBufferReader (/home/ubuntu/mynode2/node_modules/bitcore-lib/lib/transaction/transaction.js:314:27)
at Transaction.fromBuffer (/home/ubuntu/mynode2/node_modules/bitcore-lib/lib/transaction/transaction.js:297:15)
at Transaction.fromString (/home/ubuntu/mynode2/node_modules/bitcore-lib/lib/transaction/transaction.js:477:8)
at Bitcoin._zmqTransactionHandler (/home/ubuntu/mynode2/node_modules/bitcore-node/lib/services/bitcoind.js:647:8)
at null. (/home/ubuntu/mynode2/node_modules/bitcore-node/lib/services/bitcoind.js:713:12)
at emitThree (events.js:97:13)
at emit (events.js:175:7)

Did anyone manage to make it work with the latest version of Bitcoin Core? Did you experience this error? If yes, how could you resolve it?

(Remco vd Hondel) #2

Where did you get bitcoind 0.15? as far as I know the bitpay branch does not actively develop on their bitcoind branch and the latest version to build ffrom their github page is 0.14.## but that one doesn’t include the extra leveldb indexes, 0.13.rc2 is the last complete version,

I think mixing bitcore with bitcoin-core (https// is the reason your install is broken, you should instead get bicoind at for a working version but remind to check wich branch to check out if you care for the extra indexes