Bitcore, 0.13.1 and Segwit

Hi Bitcore team,

Great work on the library, very impressive work.

It seems that bitcore-node is currently tied to a patched version of 0.12.1-Bitcoin.

A few questions:

  • Are there any imminent plans to upgrade this?
  • Do we know the impact on Bitcore and Insight if Segwit activates?


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There are plans to update to 0.13.1 very soon. In fact, feel free to perform a gitian build of:

This will help with the release.

We do know the impact on Bitcore and Insight if miners decide to employ segwit-related BIPs. We have some merge requests in for Bitcore to support segwit.


Sounds good @Chris_Kleeschulte

Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

So, Are we updated as per the Segwit requirements now??

Segwit is coming soon, any updates?