Bitcore altcoin networks.js


Is networks.js still being used? I’m trying to get bitcore 3 to work. with an altcoin. So I’ve updated the networks.js. But when I run bitcored it starts indexing bitcoins. It just ignores the networks.js.

I’ve forked the projects on github so it really uses the bitcore-lib with the networks.js I’ve changed.

the fork can be found at

When I open the networks.js after install I see the things I’ve changed, but still indexing bitcoins, What am I missing? :slight_smile:

also tried to let bitcore connect to the GuldenD instead of running its own, but also ignores that.

I’ve used bitcore 3.0.0 I believe newer versions uses zmq, but That is not yet in the altcoins client :frowning: