Bitcore Bus?

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So i’ve been working on building a IPN system for Bitcoin using Bitcore’s Bus, but have had issues with attempting to include it. If i try run a node programmatically, it just closes immediantly, no errors/messages:

So how can I include Bus whilst running a service in a node that has been built using & (can only put 2 links)

And does anyone have any tips on how to efficiently create an api. I was thinking of using Bus to subscribe to transactions from a dynamic array of all the addresses that are defined and dealing with confirmations/callbacks from there.


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I’ve fixed that issue

But now my issue is that when subscribed to something, i don’t get any actual results.

bus.subscribe('address/transaction', ['mmzJfdHMnUm56qq15VfuuMaMyEKy6EEriD']);
bus.subscribe('address/balance', ['mmzJfdHMnUm56qq15VfuuMaMyEKy6EEriD']);

bus.on('address/transaction', function(transaction) {

bus.on('address/balance', function(balance) {

This returns no errors, but sending btc to those addresses don’t log anything.

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Any update to this?

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This should be working, I’ve been able to subscribe: I believe there are a few tutorials that also use the functionality (e.g.

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From what I can see, that runs as a service. Your colleague showed me how to do it via a node. But, that led to the bus not working.

var configuration = {
  datadir: '/root/slut/btc/.data',
  network: 'testnet',
  "services": [{
    name: "address",
    module: Address,
    config: {}
  }, {
    name: 'bitcoind',
    module: Bitcoin,
    config: {}
  }, {
    name: 'db',
    module: DB,
    config: {}

var node = new Node(configuration);
var bus = node.openBus();

node.on('ready', function() {
  bus.subscribe('address/transaction', ['mmzJfdHMnUm56qq15VfuuMaMyEKy6EEriD']);
  bus.subscribe('address/balance', ['mmzJfdHMnUm56qq15VfuuMaMyEKy6EEriD']);

node.on('error', function(err) {

node.start(function() {'node started up');

Would just doing this but server side work to achieve an IPN functionality?

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Any update?

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I have also the same problem

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It seems to me that you are misusing the subscription function.
You should register to the event of the service like

In case of bitcoind, it would be something like this:
bus.subscribe('bitcoind/addresstxid', ['13FMwCYz3hUhwPcaWuD2M1U2KzfTtvLM89']);

See here:

I’ve just published a new service for message exchanging.
You can check it to see how I managed events

Hope this helps