Bitcore for browsers

Is there a read use bitcore.min.js available for download for local browser use ?

Yes there is - use

bower install bitcore 

then access it at



Yes. If you want to build the browser bundle manually, you can:

sudo npm i -g gulp
gulp browser

and check bitcore.js and bitcore.min.js

In case it helps, you can check the browser examples I’m writing here:

Thanks. Examples are always good :smile:

Specifically, what I am looking for is some straight forward, ready to run samples for

  1. generating a mnemonic seed
  2. deriving the bip32 private keys from the seed
  3. access/managing the private keys
  4. using them for signing raw transactions

The problem with this is that you have to know how to use Bower and NPM to get bitcore this way. To those of us who only do javascript in the browser, we have to learn an extra thing in order to use bitcore. For instance, on ubuntu, its not just a simple “apt-get install bower” to get bower up and running… For a Node newbie like me it’ll take me 5 hours to get to the point where I get a browser build of bitcore running. A simple browser bundle download on the main bitcore page will help immensely.

BTW: There are builds for the browser in releases:

Though using bower should help once it’s setup.