Bitcore full stack



I am in the middle of my final year uni project and i have a question about the bitcore full stack.

I have installed the bitcore full stack on my uni server. and the readme says i have the following applications available.

ApplicationsNode - A full node with extended capabilities using Bitcoin Core
Insight API - A blockchain explorer HTTP API
Insight UI - A blockchain explorer web user interface
Wallet Service - A multisig HD service for wallets
Wallet Client - A client for the wallet service
CLI Wallet - A command-line based wallet client
Angular Wallet Client - An Angular based wallet client
Copay - An easy-to-use, multiplatform, multisignature, secure bitcoin wallet

I can see that Insight api and insight ui are functional and working. But how do i test the wallet service?

(Nohea) #2

You can test the wallet service by using the CLI wallet and pointing to your service url

Or you can run the Copay wallet and set up to point to your wallet service. By default it connects bwsurl to