Bitcore installation exits when downloading bitcoin

I am trying to install bitcore on Ubuntu 16.04 and when I run

npm install -g bitcore

the installation begins and appears to run just fine but the terminal get to the step of downloading bitcoin from github

Downloading bitcoin:

The installation just exits with no error or anything.

I have retried it 3 times already and the installation just ends every time at downloading bitcoin. Is anyone else experiencing this? My drive has over 200 gb free so it cannot be a space issue.

Any suggestions?

I just checked the download URL I posted above and it’s showing a 404 page. Is there a way to change the this or fix it? Do I need to install a specific version of bitcore to get the right download url?

I think this is the same issue:

yes. How do i edit the download script?

The problem with the script is not the download location. The location for the binary is located at (or whatever binary you’re downloading 64-bit, windows etc.) - it’s just telling you that you’re downloading that tagged release and the download script takes care of figuring out what architecture you’re on.

What you are seeing is the link to the prefix of the binary tagged bitcore-2 where the script downloads one of the sources listed on that page. However, upon reviewing the script I see ${tarball_name} is appended to the binary URL and it’s not showing in the output which is strange.

OK so what is the explanation as to why the installation exits without downloading the zip or binary file? Like I said earlier, there is no error message to point me to a fix.

Are you running ubuntu/Linux? What do you get if you run uname -m and uname -a | awk '{print tolower($1)}' I found the issue with the startup script in my case is that my architacture is NOT x86_32 as listed in the script, but rather i686. So it actually doesn’t download anything because i686 isn’t accounted for in the script

My terminal said i686 linux. So what did you do to get around this?