Bitcore-node stoping

Hi all
How can stopping bitcore-node and all dependencies?

I think you’re probably looking for the hotkey Ctrl + C, which initiates shutdown of the process.

@braydon @Chris_Kleeschulte it might be valuable to log some help text as the node starts up, eg:
(Press Ctrl + C to shutdown Bitcore)

thanks but I know it, I need stope --daemon vertion, i have insert bitcore stop --daemon, bitcoin d stoped but insight-api and insight-ui do not stoped

I have following error.
bitcored stop

[2015-11-15T19:56:59.331Z] info: Starting bitcoind
Error: Cannot obtain a lock on data directory /root/.bitcore/data. Bitcoin Core is probably already running.

Using upstart is the best way to run a process for awhile:

You can then use service bitcore start, and service bitcore stop.

As far as stopping the daemon, you should be able to do this by sending a SIGINT to the process.