Bitcore-p2p error

Hi all.
Iuse bitcore-p2p last version, ven i run app, I get follownig message.
can You helm me?
my node.js version is v0.12.7

   .get() is deprecated. Access using array indexes instead.

Besides, I have the following problem

  (node) warning: possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 ready listeners added. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase․`

in this code

    'use strict';
var bitcore = require('bitcore-lib');
var p2p = require('bitcore-p2p');
var Networks = bitcore.Networks;
var Messages = p2p.Messages;

var Pool = p2p.Pool;

var pool = new Pool({
    network: Networks.livenet,
    dnsSeed: false,
    listenAddr: false,
    addrs: [
            ip: {
                v4: ''

pool.on('peerinv', function(peer, message) {
    peer.on('ready', function() {
        var messages = new Messages();
        var getAddrMessage =  messages.GetAddr();

    peer.on('addr', function(message) {
        message.addresses.forEach(function(address) {


Hi All,
whats a problem which I have posted at top?

Added backticks to the above code block so that it formats correctly.