Bitcore-p2p new issue

Hi Everyone !

I have used bitcore-p2p module for creating a Pool and I have got INV messages from the Bitcoin network. The problem is that from time to time I get the following error:

TypeError: Data object should include number of hash functions "nHashFuncs"
    at new Filter (/root/RiskEngine4/node_modules/bitcore-p2p/node_modules/bloom-filter/lib/filter.js:30:13)
    at Function.fromBuffer (/root/RiskEngine4/node_modules/bitcore-p2p/lib/bloomfilter.js:24:10)

Is it possible to get INV messages without stopping? Please advice.


Thanks for the info. Malformed messages (if indeed this is a malformed message and not a bug with parsing) are not currently handled well. I just opened an issue regarding this: