Bitcore-qt not registering transaction output addresses for BTX claim

(Trevor Vella) #1


I have imported my private key from My Trezor to bitcore-qt v5.3.2. I have followed these instructions to correctly claim BTX based on my BTC holdings.

I have been correctly allocated BTX based on public addresses that had originally showed up in my Trezor but I haven’t been so lucky with those hidden public addresses (not shown by Trezor) that represent transaction outputs where the majority of my coin holdings resided at the time of the BTX fork.

To further clarify, I also imported my Trezor private key into Electum v3.0.5 and I could see the public addresses that were also viewable via Trezor. I also saw a number of output addresses shown under the “Coin” tab in Electrum where the majority of my holdings had resided at the time of the fork. Is there some way to get bitcore-qt to recognize those output transaction addresses (as shown in the Electrum “Coins” tab)?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.