BTC on aliexpress

Guys, does anyone know if I can pay with BTC on Aliexpress?

Aliexpress does not work" directly " with cryptocurrency and does not accept payment in bitcoins. But you can absolutely pay through paypal. Some people have a lot of problems and questions, they can not figure out how to pay through paypal. If you suddenly decide to pay through paypal, then read this useful article.

Maybe in the foreseeable future but not now. unfortunately crypto is banned in China now.

Today I found out that Chinese government will put to prison everyone who uses crypto.

Hello, this is Arkhipov Vladimir Ivanovich 26.08.1992 I have problems, but this is not the main thing for you, and the main thing is that bitcoin is being mined on one of the sites, which leads to a decrease in the cost and a decrease in the transaction, and if you do not pay me, then I will use this site every day from 12.00 Moscow time and you will immediately understand everything contact me directly or by email