Can I search a new block and find my pushed_tx?

If I push a tx to the network then monitor new blocks can I recognize my pushed tx somewhere in that block without doing any additional api requests?


When I push I create a hash. Is this what becomes the txid and can I find the same txid in the block?

or if I must rely on x.txIndexes to find my tx in a new block; does a txpush give me the index so I have something to look out for?


I’m basically trying to rely on a live websocket feed of blocks to track (only) If a tx as been accepted into a block (this would represent confirmation 1 and would also mean that I can eliminate a rest api call to get the same info)…

right now when a new block event happens in my application any users who have pushed tx then do a cors rest call (utxos) to see wether they have 1 confirm.

it would be better though if when I receive notification of the new block I can search through the block to find my pushed tx in there with out doing any additional api calls… after I find the tx in the block then I switch to api calls on every new block event (confirmation-2,confirmation-3,confirmation-4)

and on confirmation-4 I tell the user payment complete!

services used:

create and sign the tx with bitcore
pushtx with
websockets new block event with