Cannot launch bitcored - more than one instance of bitcore-lib found


I’m very new to bitcore, but I have some linux experience.
node.js is all new for me too.

So, i get that "more than one instance of bitcore-lib found’ means there are multiple libs being called in the code.

I’m following the guide on the site to the letter on a fresh Ubuntu server 16.04 install. I cannot launch bitcored.

What am I missing here?

I managed to get bitcore-node installed, but it does not seem to actually stay running when I launch it.

Is there a guide or step that I’m missing with the install of bitcore?

Any pointers appreciated, I’ll keep googling in the mean time. - ultimate goal I just want to get insight running



I Figured it out!

So you use bitcore-node and create the directory

Then, you CD into that directory and launch bitcored

(vlas mp) #3

I was facing same issue, i added delete global._bitcore in file. it solved the issue.