Checking balance/incoming tx


i start first time with bitcore library today and with nodejs. My big question is. When i have a webapp already and i use the bitcore in the app so user can create a public key to deposit their account app. How can i use bitcore to get notified when this specific pubkey is loaded with BTC ? I used to have walletnotify in my old php-projects with my bitcoind so my bashscript is called then and my commands called i needed…

but now i want to fully swithc in nodejs and bitcore. thank you in advance.

'#EDIT: I want the fund (which deposited) to be credited in the user account. so i must know when the publickey is funded. is this possible with the bitcore/bitcore-p2p api??

Though not documented in detail yet, you can connect to peers (for example a locally running node such as Bitcoin Core) with bitcore-p2p and use BIP37 to only receive relevant messages.