Create multisigs via Twitter

[Note: Sorry, but can only use “@” sign twice on forum, so please note that “AT” = “@”]

Hi there, I’m looking to create a web app where you can create BTC multisig addresses using Bitcore from Twitter. Basically users could tweet something like “ATmultisigService 2 out of 3 ATuserA ATuserB ATuserC” or “ATmultisigservice 3/5 ATuserA ATuserB ATuserC ATuserD ATuserE”

A bot would monitor Twitter activity for ATmultisigservce mentions, then auto-create a web page where the mentioned users can authenticate via Twitter API to generate public/private key pairs. Private keys can be burned from the database upon user request, or kept on the website DB for ease of use (authenticated with Twitter log in). Once all users have logged in, then the multisignature address is created. Once address is created, normal multisig rules apply.

I think this could be an interesting app to get people experimenting with multisigs more. But I’m wondering if Bitcore is the right way to go for an app like this? Any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Helmut