Difficulty installing on Mac OS

(Jesse Lawler) #1

I’m trying to get bitcore installed using the instructions here…

…but am running into trouble. This is not my first command-line installation rodeo, and I feel like I’ve done everything correctly so far (even trying a few workarounds) but upon npm install -g bitcore I’m getting execution errors.

The warnings begin with what looks like complaints that the active version of Node (4.2.0) is too old for what’s desired, i.e.

npm WARN engine har-validator@5.1.3: wanted: {“node”:">=6"} (current: {“node”:“4.2.0”,“npm”:“2.14.7”})

npm WARN engine punycode@2.1.1: wanted: {“node”:">=6"} (current: {“node”:“4.2.0”,“npm”:“2.14.7”})

…and just a few lines of execution-output after that I get a fatal error. :frowning:

Bitcore looks amazing, but is it being actively maintained? Why is the installation suggesting the use of Node version 4 when Node is now up to version 11?

Any advice on installation welcome.

(Jesse Lawler) #2

UPDATE: Apparently my installation problem is because Mac OS doesn’t support the library libunwind… stackoverflow.com/questions/27842377/…

But I assume there’s gotta be a viable workaround? Surely all us Mac folks aren’t forced to set up virtual boxes just to use Bitcore.io. Right? :roll_eyes:

(Jesse Lawler) #3

UPDATE 2: The libunwind issue looks hairier than I’m willing to fight with. Not saying it’s impossible, just probably not a good use of time. I’m going to tackle this on a virtual machine instead of my Mac.