Example Node.js app using bitcore?

Hi, I’m looking at building an app that has users. On sign up a bitcoin wallet will be generated into which users can deposit coins. After which, they will be able to easily transfer coins between each other with one click and a confirm.

How difficult will something like this be to implement. I can build the user app part no problem but have no bitcoin experience. It would be really helpful if anyone has any links to github repos that are working on something similar.


@rolandnsharp It’s certainly possible to do this with bitcore, but the difficulty depends on your experience with bitcoin.

Here are some apps doing similar things to what you’re saying:

If you need help in the process, be sure to ask questions on this forums!

Thanks for these links maraoz, though I wasn’t able to get too much out of them unfortunately.
So I’m starting to just stab in the dark and see if I can eventually get there.

At the moment I have an Express app, and when a new account is created I’m generating a privateKey, publicKey, and address, then saving them to the MongoDB.

At the moment I’m simply saving the publicKey to the DB directly. Should I be encrypting this? And is this everything I need to create a wallet for each user?

        // generate a bitcoin wallet
	var privateKey = new bitcore.PrivateKey();
	var publicKey = privateKey.toPublicKey();

		bitcoin: {
			privateKey: {
				exported: privateKey.toWIF(),
				hexa: privateKey.toString()
			publicKey: publicKey.toString(),
			address: publicKey.toAddress()

Now my plan is to try and transfer bitcoin into one of these “wallets” and try to write tests that transfer money between them.