Generating a HD wallet seed for the user:

Hey, I was searching through the API and not finding what I was hoping to find:

  1. Is it possible to create the 12-word seed in bitcore? I would like to be able to display it to the user, then later use it to authenticate the user/get the priv-key for signing.

Just started experimenting with getting bitcore hooked up to my nodejs web-app. Seems awesome. If there are articles about how to implement browser side bitcoin code safely let me know!

Hey TRhode1!

  1. Yes. Take a look at We’re still working out how to document submodules so that their functionality is easily accessible.

  2. We’re also working on documenting that better. For now, you can create the bitcore bundle by cloning the main repo and running gulp browser. This will generate the files bitcore.js and bitcore.min.js. For submodules (such as bitcore-mnemonic), you can use bower (bower install --save bitcore-mnemonics). By next Wednesday (v0.8.7 release), you’ll be able to use bower for the main bitcore repo too, and I’ll update this post for future reference.