Getting error 400 at http://localhost:3001/insight-api/blocks?limit=5 in insite API

(Vikash Yadav) #1

i am running insite at localhost . i am able to see latest transaction updating in UI but not latest transaction height . i took a loot at my console and found an error 400 in http://localhost:3001/insight-api/blocks?limit=5 API and i am getting a response:-
No information available for block hashes. Code:-5 .
also iam getting the same error in http://localhost:3001/insightapi/addr/muKQZv9QsXkXsaPVrEHeyA1P26arCqykPe/?noTxList=1

need help …

(Chen Wang Bor) #2

I got same problem and still wait for help.

(Braydon Fuller) #3

Do you have all of the indexes enabled in bitcoin.conf?

(Wbchen99 Chen) #4

I do config all of these, but when I tried http://localhost:3001/insight-api/blocks or
http://localhost:3001/insight-api/blocks?limit=5 ,
it shows “Method not found. Code:-32601”.

the console shows

[2016-06-13T09:07:17.979Z] info: ::1 “GET /insight-api/blocks?limit=5” 400 29 1.727 “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_2) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/51.0.2704.84 Safari/537.36”

Please help.

(Wbchen99 Chen) #5

Check that all of RPC be ok for individual


but when tried

error message

“Method not found. Code:-32601”

(Braydon Fuller) #6

Are you using the bitcore build ( of bitcoind?

(Wbchen99 Chen) #7

Nope, I used github source to build bitcoind, Is it the issue?

Thanks for quick reply.

(Braydon Fuller) #8

Not an issue if it’s from this branch

If you’re building from source you’ll need to update your bitcore-node.json to point to that bitcoind. For example:

  "servicesConfig": {
    "bitcoind": {
      "spawn": {
        "datadir": "/home/<user>/.bitcore/data",
        "exec": "/home/<user>/bitcoin/src/bitcoind"

(Wbchen99 Chen) #9

You means I need to build bitcoind from to let it work?

My understanding was more RPC method from this "bitpay/bitcoin/tree/ …"branch? and blocks method be included some new methods different from “bitcoin/bitcoin” …

(Braydon Fuller) #10

Yes there are new indexes and RPC methods, more details here:

(alif) #11

i dont have some this like this “exec”: "/home//bitcoin/src/bitcoind"
i have this “exec”: "bitcoind"
its working but i have 400 error

“network”: “testnet”,
“port”: 3001,
“services”: [
“servicesConfig”: {
“bitcoind”: {
“spawn”: {
“datadir”: “/home/alif/.bitcoin”,
“exec”: “bitcoind”

inside my this .bitcoin folder i have testnet3 folder
is it correct ?