Help dbwrapper_error Database corrupted

I am trying to setup the bitcore (testnet) and tried at least 5-6 times. deleting the database folder and restarting the bitcored. but every time it has started showing the error during the initial sync:

EXCEPTION: 15dbwrapper_error
Database corrupted
bitcoin in ProcessMessages()

this sync error is not regular sometime it came in early stages of the sync. once it came when the sync was 97% done. now i am not able to figure out the cause of the error. and how to recover from the error.

is there any option to recover the corrupted database or re downloading is the only option.

I am using this guide to setup.

Note: I have also installed the insight-ui and api on the core.

If you found any error please let me know, I am facing same issue.

hi did you found soluation?