Help! - Think I fell for a scam

(Patrick Breed) #1


Consider me a novice. I was trying to extract my bitcoin cash from my copay wallet and sent all my bitcoin to the following wallet: 1MrDv69ZbZq4VGkHpnAQCo2QqSfmuMvX55

This was the wallet key provided by my BCC wallet. After realizing something was wrong I came to realize this is a scam. Am I shit out of luck or does anyone here have a suggestion on how I could retrieve these BTC’s back.

Any feedback is appreciated.


(Freewallet) #2

If a coin of one network is sent to an address belonging to another one, the transaction won’t be posted properly. In this case, one needs to contact the support of the receiving wallet and request a refund.

That’s what Patrick did: he contacted our support regarding the BTC sent by mistake to his BCC wallet, and we were able to deliver them to his BTC wallet with Freewallet.