Hierarchical deterministic multisig addresses?

Hi there. I am using bitcore lib (bitcore explorers) to create some wallet. I’ve made an address generation and wanted to test my wallet. I’ve send some bitcoin from my Binance account to my just generated with bitcore lib address. But my bitcoins received on another address after 7 seconds they came to my generated address. I didn’t made any transactions (only from Binance to my generated address). So, is it some kind of Hierarchical deterministic multisig addresses ? Why did it happened so and can I access this unknown for me wallet, if i have access (know private key) to my generated address, on wich I’ve made transaction from Binance ? Thx. This if the transaction(address): https://blockchain.info/address/16Kwp9ivnny7E3bmkz2yuXYAUwDLo4xPwW