How can I know how many other bitcoin nodes are connected our nodes?

I use Your bitcore module, place help me, how can I know how many other nodes are connected our nodes and what I know the transaction which node it comes from?

Hey Armen,
Are you using bitcore-p2p?

See the Pool docs to do what you want:

You should create a Pool and subscribe to the peertx event, and you’ll receive an event with the specific peer and transaction info.

For the peer count, see Pool#numberConnected:

Hi Manuel, thanks,I Use bitcoin-p2p and I can know how many other nodes are connected, but I have a problem now with is not clear yet the given transaction or INV message which IP address has come from, can You help?

Try this:

var Pool = require('bitcore-p2p').Pool;
var Networks = require('bitcore').Networks;

var pool = new Pool(Networks.livenet);

// connect to the network

// attach peer events
pool.on('peerinv', function(peer, message) {

tankes, bat this code get my host list, where there are many same host, is it normal? is it possible when your nose connected many same hosts

this part of code.

var Pool = require('bitcore-p2p').Pool;
var Networks = require('bitcore').Networks;

pool.on('peerinv', function (peer, message) {
    var getaddress = new Messages.GetAddresses();
    peer.on('addr', function (info) {
        info.addresses.forEach(function (addr) {

Hi Manuel, can You help me? when I get addreses they content the hash. what is this hash? and how I should know when are coming transaction what ip address are content?

That hash is the hash of the public key that can spend the outputs. The address is the Base58 encoding of a byte signaling the network (could be Livenet, Testnet, or another network like Litecoin) and a checksum. I suggest you read more about Bitcoin in the developer guide:

what hash are you referring to?

BTW, the pool is already listening to addr messages:

thanks All very much,and now I need to have a number of the amount of connections inbound and outbound Nods, can You help?

Hi Braydon, can You help me? How I can get transaction hash from bitcoin address?

There currently isn’t a distingishment between inbound and outbound peers, all peer connections are two-directional.

Are you looking to get relevant transactions for a bitcoin address, and then the hashes for those transactions?

Hi Braydon, can You help me How to calculate the input value from raw transaction data?

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