How do i make use of bitcore after install?

i installed bitcore with npm install bitcore through terminal.

I’m a bitcoin enthusiast and I want to learn how to create public and private keys through javascript and display on my html page. I understand programming concepts however I’m a beginner.

Right now I’m struggling to take the create new address and display it onto the page. can someone lend a hand? :confused:

Just to be clear, you are already using the documentation an playground, and understand how to generate an address/key pair?

It sounds like what you’re asking is for some guidance on how to use Javascript to bridge the back end to the front end. Here are a few resources that I like for learning JS:

Yes it’s pretty straight forward however I’m not sure how to print the address to the page. I figured it would be similar to examples on w3c but it’s not working out that way at the moment. :confused:

I guess I need to learn more about javascript thru codecademy. Thanks for replying.

The other thing to consider is if you actually need to run node.js, or if you would be better with bower. Bower does things client side, while node.js is server side. Do you need to do things server sie for your application?

I would like to start off with just client side so I can get in and start working with it but didn’t know bower was client side until now.

I guess I will go and figure how to install bower then.

Take a look here, it’s where I got started. It helps with starting using Bower.

I did but it is not working properly. I started work with Javascript on eduhelphub as you can see here, but the main issue is that it is not displaying in html page moreover i think it is not supporting. So what should I do in this matter.