How to change bitcoin data directory

I’m trying to run a full bitcore node using bitcore-node.
I started with a 100GB hard disk on a VPS. At about 50% of the blockchain download, the disk was full. I mounted another 100GB disk and used mhddfs to create a virtual drive of 197GB.

However, when I tried to continue the download or reindex the database, I get the error that disk is full.

I changed the data directory from the bitcore-node.json file to point to the location of the data directory in the virtual disk (197GB), on trying again, I still get the same disk full error.

Please what do I do?
Or how can I change the data directory to point to the virtual drive?

Hi Chibuzo,

after changing datadirectory to new mount point, have you made entry in fstab?

Could you pl paste output here of following commands :-

  1. df -h
  2. cat /etc/fstab
  3. locate bitcore-node.json

Ashish Barot.

Thanks AshishB,

After rebooting my server, the download resumed.

Thanks for your time.

Great Chibuzo,

All the best for further development. Regards,
Ashish Barot.
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