I dont understand the purpose of bitcored

I have been reading the docs. Though if feel it is clear that I still can’t visualize the role bitcored daemon has in conjunction with the bitcoind daemon!

From what I get bitcoind must be up and running then you turn on bitcored and it starts to monitor bitcoind then when you switch your node.js app on and let that connect to bitcored your node.js app is effectively able to talk with the blockchain…?

Though the docs kind of make me think that bitcored is the one that starts bitcoind and is able to shut it down?

I was reading these pages:

and … /api/service/bitcoin
and … /api/service/#using-services-programmatically

can someone please clarify who is running who or are they just running independently? What happens to the daemons if node.js crashes? Do the daemons stay up?

In an upcoming update: bitcored (running Node.js) starts bitcoind as a child process and communicates via ZMQ and RPC. It will restart the process if it exits, and will shut the process down when exiting itself. The bitcoind that it is running has a few additional indexes that are needed (see https://github.com/bitpay/bitcoin). You should also be able to connect to an already running bitcoind by modifying the configuration.

In bitcore versions 1 to 3: bitcored is running bitcoind in the same process and interfaces via Node.js bindings.

Can bitcoind just be left running without bitcored in control please? I really don’t want bitcored telling bitcoind to start-up or shut-down ever! how do I make 100% sure that bitcored can’t start/stop/restart bitcoind?

Can you give instructions?

If you’re running with the branch at:

Here are the configuration options:

We may want to get a guide on configuring bitcore, since this seems to come up often enough.

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please that is necessary!