I'd like to make insight pull from litecoind instead of bitcoind

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been in the process of learning node.js and I’ve been reading over the AMAZING open source code you guys have for insight. I’ve also been playing around with Litecoind and for learning purposes, I would like to make exactly insight but instead of Bitcoin, Litecoin.

I know that Litecoin is an almost identical clone to Bitcoin with a small differences, but I’m wondering how easy it would be to convert insight (exactly as it is) to Litecoin. Can I do this in just a few simple changes to the insight code or will this be a rather long project for someone just getting off the ground with node.js?

I’ve already got the Litecoin blockchain installed and I’m preparing to make an attempt at a direct insight conversion to Litecoin. However, I don’t have a huge chunk of time devote to this little project, so I’m curious - from the Pro Bitpay Developer’s perspective’s, will this be feasible for a complete node newb?

it is possible. Insight has been forked in many alt coins, look around on