Insight API get blocks Method not found. Code:-32601

Hello guys,
The Insight API api Get Blocks return Method not found. Code:-32601, I’m using bitcoind 0.13.2 compile from source github. I read the source code of insight api and see the api /blocks call bitcoin client Is that the bitcoin api getBlockHashes removed? Or do you know any method does get block hash by timestamp in new bitcoin version?

@braydon can you help me, please?

Please provide more details to get help.
The code you’re using (a snippet), the full error message, etc…

Did you try the same code with Bitcoin 0.12 to see if it works?

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I just followed the tutorial Run Full Node Bitcore, and then I opened Insight UI to see blockchain, but there was a error I mentioned above. I’ll try using Bitcoin 0.12, wait for my response :slight_smile:

Have the same error.
Does bitcore work with bitcoind 14 and above or are we forced to use bitcoind 12 as in the above posts.