Insight-lite-api. Websocket. Subscribe Address problem

"bitcoinAddress: new transaction concerning received from network. This event is published in the bitcoinAddress room."
How to use it?

I send:
io.emit(‘subscribe’, “LTU2cds4aSdXFip9sV4gXphnhxGQjgfjmg”);
and then:
io.on(“LTU2cds4aSdXFip9sV4gXphnhxGQjgfjmg”, function(data) {
console.log("New transaction LTU2cds4aSdXFip9sV4gXphnhxGQjgfjmg: ",data)

But nothing happens. Transactions in the blockchain appear, but I do not get them.

Litecore works:
info: ::ffff: web socket subscribe: LTU2cds4aSdXFip9sV4gXphnhxGQjgfjmg

What am I doing wrong? Or how to do it? Just do not understand from the documentation … :frowning:

Please, help me.
Thank you!