Is insight-api deprecated in favor of bitcore-node?

I just learned that exists. It appears to be a fork of, which has seen few commits in the last few months. Is insight-api deprecated in favor of bitcore-node?

Answer was provided here, “Not completely. insight-api is currently way too many things (blockchain API, credential storage service, mailbox plugin, historic bitcoin rate service, etc). We’re approaching bitcore-node as a more atomic and well-tested version of the blockchain API.”

Sorry for the lack of answer here, my email notifications were somehow disabled!

Thanks, and no worries, you had already answered on Github :smile:

I would still like to use the historic bitcoin rate service of Insight, but I see no API endpoint for it in the Insight README. I found the endpoint in the file config/routes.js but I am not sure how to use it.

  1. Is the historic rates plugin enabled on
  2. How do I use the API endpoint? I tried looking at test.CurrencyRates.js and could not figure out how to use the API.
  3. If I have to choose between bitcore-node and insight-api for blockchain data in a brand-new project, should I use bitcore-node because it is more tested?