Is Node.js v6.9.x supported?

We are trying to install Bitcore on an Ubuntu Server with Node.js v6.9.5 LTS? Is this version supported by Bitcore?

I know the Running a Full Node Guide suggests to specifically install v4 LTS, but I was just curious about v6.9.5 LTS.

As far as I know, It does NOT work.
Some parts may work (and maybe it is sufficient for what you need), but bear in mind that you might get strange errors due to the wrong version.

So, I suggest you to: try to do everything with Node6.
If everything works, cool. Otherwise, you should switch to Node4.
In order to easily switch between different versions, you can use NVM.
Once installed you can just type nvm use 4 to switch to Node4.
You can also do it dynamically through a script, so that you can use Node6 for the rest, and switch to Node4 when you need Bitcore