Manual creation of custom P2SH transaction

Thanks to:
for help with my previous questions.

I wanted to wrap up some lose end forum posts I had created.

After trying to create a transaction to broadcast with Bitcore and having challenges with it (see the links below for the related forum posts) I ended up writing javascript code to put together custom P2SH transactions at the Bitcoin protocol level.


Here is an example of a successful custom P2SH transaction:
(this is a transaction on the testnet)

If you look at the transaction you will see I am using the same seed as previously attempted in the other forum posts:

I am happy with what I have created because it is streamlined for my specific application.

I will consider using Bitcore for future projects and I think the learning from working at the Bitcoin protocol level will make it easier when I go to work with Bitcore in the future.

@tester glad to hear that, thanks for sharing your experience! :slight_smile: