Memory usage of 'bitcored' daemon?

Hi All,

I have Bitcore full node setup and currently it is running fine with bitcored daemon. Also BWS is running on this server.

Server Details :- Ubuntu 16.04, 16GB RAM, 300GB volume for /blockchain data.

Now, issue is that, ‘bitcored’ daemon is consuming almost all available memory, also Cache memory is consumed by this ‘bitcored’ daemon is near by 14GB. Pl have a look at out put of ‘free -m’ below :-

ubuntu@ip-$ free -m
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 16046 1217 148 8 14680 14665
Swap: 0 0 0

Out of 16GB only 148MB is free memory.

Process ID of bitcored is - 4634 and when I check with pstree command I found following processes are also running along with bitcored daemon.

ubuntu@ip-$ pstree -Anp 4634
|-{V8 WorkerThread}(4636)
|-{V8 WorkerThread}(4637)
|-{V8 WorkerThread}(4638)
|-{V8 WorkerThread}(4639)
| |-{bitcoin-scriptc}(4646)
| |-{bitcoin-scriptc}(4647)
| |-{bitcoin-schedul}(4648)
| |-{bitcoin-http}(4649)
| |-{bitcoin-httpwor}(4650)
| |-{bitcoin-httpwor}(4651)
| |-{bitcoin-httpwor}(4652)
| |-{bitcoin-httpwor}(4653)
| |-{bitcoind}(4654)
| |-{bitcoind}(4655)
| |-{bitcoind}(4656)
| |-{bitcoin-torcont}(4658)
| |-{bitcoin-net}(4660)
| |-{bitcoin-addcon}(4661)
| |-{bitcoin-opencon}(4662)
| |-{bitcoin-msghand}(4663)
| -{bitcoin-wallet}(4664) |-{bitcored}(4665)-{bitcored}(4666)

ubuntu@ip-$ pstree -Anp 4644

How can I control memory usage of ‘bitcored’ daemon? So I can get more free memory?

Any help will be really thankful.

Best Regards,
Ashish Barot.