Need API Scope Identification

Our objective is to create ‘CryptoCurrency Web Wallet’. We would be doing the User Interface (UI) part of the application where we are looking for a back-end platform to link which provides following services. In such case, does your service supports our need?

Can we register users through API on our system?
Can we create web wallet system with custom features?
Is it possible to write templates for all alerts and make amendments i.e. Logo, Company Name etc. We would like to show client’s company name for their users. These alerts contain,
Push notifications and much more.
Will we able to get all services similar to BitGo through REST APIs to access tokens?
Does your system provide sandbox environment?
Does API token have any limitation on usage?
Does your service provide BLOCKCHAIN web services like BlockCypher?
Which type of wallets you support? i.e. HD, Multi-Sig, Single, Paper etc
Does your service support multi-Sig wallets and multi-Sig addresses?
Does your service support multi addresses for single wallet? Can we have a link to access that API?
How your service differentiates between simple wallet keys and Multi-Sig wallet keys?
How and which keys can we use for these operations;
During transactions processes
Wallets updates
Wallet sharing
Wallets Approval
Freeze Wallets
How your service is managing Wallets and Address keys?
What security layer is being provided by you for Wallet and Address keys?
Can we have a detailed transaction flow for classic/standard and Multi-Sig wallets?
Does your service support or provide import wallet feature?
Can we share created wallets with out of network users? i.e. If user is not registered on our system.
Can we able to update General settings of users via REST APIs?
Can we able to perform all type of operations for Wallet Policy, Settings and User Permission to access wallet via API?
Can we get the exchange rate via API?
Can we able to create Keycards at the time of wallets creation like BitGo keyCard?
Can we able access all types of wallet report along with filters via APIs?
Can we able to get activity logs of users and wallets via APIs?
What sort of crypto currencies along with sandbox environments supported by you?
Do you provide any SDK for crypto wallet services?
Are you providing Sale/Purchase bitcoin facility.