Offline spending app I made

This is my first project using bitcore. It’s an app that let’s you create a transaction online and then copy it to an offline computer to safely sign it with your private key.


Nice work! Thanks for your feedback on github!

Thank you! And also for providing the library. This was really just a very thin layer on top :-).

Nice, thanks for sharing.
If I’m allowed to provide feedback, I don’t like the red background. I would use a stylish background image such as this one :wink:

I’m not sure if you’re serious but I’ll respond anyway.

I gave the online app a red background to clearly distinguish it from the offline part, which I gave a blue background. Red meaning hot and blue meaning cold.

In this case, because security is important, I wanted to make something that’s easy to read and use without any additional stuff that’s not necessary or useful.

In general, I know I’m not good at graphical design so most of the time I try not to waste my time with it. But if I were to add a background image, I would use something with little contrast to make sure all text is easily readable.

@dskloet haha, I was kidding. Sorry for that.
Good answer though, thanks for sharing.