OP_RETURN in transaction proposal

(FedFranz) #1

is there any possiblity to embed an OP_RETURN message into the transaction proposal?
Or in any other point so to send a transaction with some data…

it seems that there is no such an option in the BWS API endopoints.

(Chris Rico) #2

What data are you trying to send? In all likelihood, embedding it in an OP_RETURN output is not the best way to do it. Have you considered using a payment request instead?

(FedFranz) #3

I just want to send a message to a specific bitcoin address.
I can’t use internal bitcore mechanisms, like the BWS message service.

The standard way of embedding data into transactions is the OP_RETURN.
Is it or is it not possible to use it through the Wallet Service?

How can I use a payment request anyway?
Is it part of the Bitcoin network protocol?