Other bitcore-explorers functions?

Are there plans to add any functions to bitcore-explorers for finding balance, total received, total sent, or all transactions?

I know I could do a jQuery get() call but I was wondering if there were plans to make bitcore functions for any of these or other calls?



EDIT: (doing a get() call on the insight API, that is)

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We have plans for this but at the moment it’s not our priority… We would deeply appreciate if you wrote some code to help us with this. This is the only progress we’ve made in the past weeks regarding your request: https://github.com/bitpay/bitcore-explorers/pull/13

I’ll give it a look this weekend! I saw the commit but also saw that it looked to still be a work in progress.


@esteban, I have been taking a look at what you have committed so far, and had a couple questions.

First, are there tests that can be run to make sure everything in bitcore-explorers is working? Also, is the code that was committed functional at all? I tried to see what the new address information code could do, but was getting errors no matter what I did.