Purchased $400 in bitcoin through simplex and bitcore is my wallet but I have yet to receive my bitcoin after several days, did I get scammed? First time user


Wallet number is here:1PK9FzjcUxCydZFDcFpQyURTLWPHYbA6Bf
Transaction proof is here: http://imgur.com/a/iGhHn
Simplex says the transaction is completed.
My bitcore shows that I have nothing at all in my wallet.
Simplex told me to contact bitcore because they did everything correct on their end (even though I didn’t receive my bitcoin)
The only thing I think could have gone wrong, from my limited knowledge on this subject, is that maybe I copied the wrong wallet address, by possibly leaving off one character at the end of the chain?
I would like my $400 or bitcoin. This is my first bitcoin experience, truly a bad one so far.
Someone please give me advice.
thank you.


This is what my wallet shows now: http://imgur.com/itfcUcx

this is my wallet right now


looks like you are still syncing. when syncing it is transactions from the beginning of bitcoin to what ever it is synced to. if you are trying to get todays info but you are only synced to dec 29 2015 it wont show up yet.


@BitcoinMan did this ever resolve? $400 BTC in Dec 2016 would’ve gotten you ~0.5 BTC! I remember when my first transfer didn’t sync right away. Not a great feeling.