QR support?

(David) #1

Does bitcore or any of the subprojects like bitcore-wallet provide support for scanning and displaying QR codes?

(And why are there minimum requirements for the length of the subject and the body of a post? This is really annoying. It’s the 3rd time I’m hit by this.)

(Jason Dreyzehner) #2

Hey @dskloet, thanks for the heads up! We just lowered the minimum post requirements. Please let us know if you have other ideas for improving the forum!

I think @maraoz can answer your other question.

(matias) #3


bitcore-wallet, the CLI interfase, support exporting to QR (–qr), but it uses a external module, named ‘qr-image’.

Copay use bower’s modules: qrcode-decoder-js and angular-qrcode, for creating and reading QRs.

QR coding and decoding are not part of the projects.

((micro-machine)) #4

These are both great modules.

(David) #5

Thanks for the pointers!

What is the purpose of the minimum post requirements anyway? Should it prevent people from answering “Thanks!” to a helpful reply?

(Jason Dreyzehner) #6

Hey @dskloet, it’s used by many Discourse forums to encourage people to use the ‘like this post’ button rather than adding to a thread. We don’t have a problem with that right now, so it makes sense to remove the minimum requirements. Thanks for the feedback!