Receiving the recipient Bitcoin address

Running Bitcore looking to clarify the recipient bitcoin address?

Hi @daniel600 can you explain your question further? What are you trying to do, specifically?

If you mean obtaining the recipient addresses in a bitcoin transaction, (i.e the receiving bitcoin addresses), you can do the following:

var transaction = ... ;
var addresses = [];
transaction.output.forEach(function(output) {

HI Manuel - thanks.
We are receiving the transaction in its raw form and are looking to process a basic tx’s scriptsig into , transaction fee, inputs and outputs, etc - from the raw transaction

Hi Manuel!
I have got the following error. can You help?
TypeError: Object OP_HASH160 20 0x5e1b7c7ee6100c24b461b81a6329674025f1407e OP_EQUAL has no method 'toAddress’

@daniel600 Some of those can’t be computed from the transaction’s raw form (like input amounts, or transaction fee), unless you also have information from previous transactions.

@Armen_Chakhalyan which is your bitcore version? (you can check with console.log(require('bitcore').version)). Please update to latest version

thanks Manuel

Hi Manuel! How I can get last Block, in last version the bitcore ?

Hi Manuel, in last version the bitcore getFee() method does not work, can You help?