Reply via Email?

It would be great if people could reply to BitPay Labs posts via email:

Think I got it working, will have to wait to check until @philip gets outgoing emails working.

Let’s test. @jason, how’s that email looking?

Afraid that didn’t work. Wanna try this one @labs?

Well, it looks good now!

Wanna try it again, Jason?


I just replied to post via email and it was seemless. - Linked me straight from email to the topic at hand


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Sweet. Another test. Wondering if we can get it to trim signatures properly?

Hmmm, looks like Discourse’s email signature trimming still has some work to do… Guess I’ll have to make sure to manually delete signatures when replying, like so.

@nick - are emails still working?

As far as I know, yes

this is a test reply