Reply via Email?

(Jason Dreyzehner) #1

It would be great if people could reply to BitPay Labs posts via email:

(Jason Dreyzehner) #2

Think I got it working, will have to wait to check until @philip gets outgoing emails working.

(labs) #3

Let’s test. @jason, how’s that email looking?

(Jason Dreyzehner) #4

Afraid that didn’t work. Wanna try this one @labs?

(labs) #5

Well, it looks good now!

(labs) #6

Wanna try it again, Jason?


(Pat Riley) #7

I just replied to post via email and it was seemless. - Linked me straight from email to the topic at hand


(Jason Dreyzehner) #8

Sweet. Another test. Wondering if we can get it to trim signatures properly?

(Jason Dreyzehner) #9

Hmmm, looks like Discourse’s email signature trimming still has some work to do… Guess I’ll have to make sure to manually delete signatures when replying, like so.

(Jason Dreyzehner) #10

@nick - are emails still working?

(Nick Cardin) #11

As far as I know, yes

(Jason Dreyzehner) #12

this is a test reply