Scaling limitations BWS w/ many addresses?


Just a question, what is known about the limitations on BWS for example with a large amounts of addresses generated? Assuming a wallet would have tens of thousands addresses, most of them no longer used.

Has it been tested? Are there performance issues or does it somehow “discard” old/unused addresses?

Is it safe to use as a wallet service with a large amount of addresses?


At the moment, BWS have been tested with wallet with ~3-4K addresses. We are planning to add an archive address feature and other optimizations what will enable BWS to handle bigger wallets.

Please subscribe to our github page for updates on that.

Thanks. Will do.
What do you recommend as a strategy for now? Make new wallets every once in a while?

Yes, changing wallets once you reach to ~ 1k addresses seems a good idea.

Right. And that wouldn’t cause issues for the BWS server if there’s several accounts with ~1k addresses each?

Are there other reasonably easy ways of using bitcore to generate many addressesan, accept many transactions, and then aggregate it all, without invoking BWS?