Seeding from an external wallet public key



I have been investigating if it is possible to use the bitcore-wallet-service to create a watching wallet on an existing wallet. I have an extended public key for a BIP32\BIP44 supported wallet & am using the following functionality from the bitcore-wallet-client library:


I am then able to create addresses using createAddress(…), send bitcoin to the generated address and see the funds being added in the original wallet (where the public key was derived from). The problem is I am not seeing the watching wallet syncing with the original wallet, i.e. the balance and existing transactions are not mirrored in both. My bitcore client is regenerating addresses that have already been used in the main wallet (xpub/0/0, xpub/0/1 etc), I guess because it has not synced.

I cannot find any examples or posts related to this. Is anyone able to confirm if it is possible to create a watch-only wallet using bws? Is there any documentation or sample applications anyone could point to that use the seedFromExtendedPublicKey function to create a wallet?

Any help would be much appreciated.