sendTxProposal VERY slow


I’m using bitcore-wallet-client to communicate with our own BWS. I’m having an issue where calling sendTxProposal is taking 30+ seconds to complete. Here’s one example:

2016-03-05T23:23:59.225Z "POST /bws/api/v1/txproposals/" 200 1911 47641.803

Creating a proposal took 47 seconds! What could possibly be going on?

sendTxProposal is usually very fast. Do you have many UTXOs?

There are only 9 utxos, though we have about 300 addresses in total.

Maybe I’m using bitcore-wallet-client wrong? Can you take a quick look at our code? I linked directly to the beginning of the sending logic.

I’ve just upgraded Bitcore to v3. Once it’s done reindexing for the new version I’ll let you know if this persists.

After a slightly traumatic upgrade to v3.0.0, the problem appears to have resolved itself.

It was slightly traumatic because I didn’t realize it necessitated a database upgrade…