sendTxProposal VERY slow

(Chris Rico) #1


I’m using bitcore-wallet-client to communicate with our own BWS. I’m having an issue where calling sendTxProposal is taking 30+ seconds to complete. Here’s one example:

2016-03-05T23:23:59.225Z "POST /bws/api/v1/txproposals/" 200 1911 47641.803

Creating a proposal took 47 seconds! What could possibly be going on?

(matias) #2

sendTxProposal is usually very fast. Do you have many UTXOs?

(Chris Rico) #3

There are only 9 utxos, though we have about 300 addresses in total.

Maybe I’m using bitcore-wallet-client wrong? Can you take a quick look at our code? I linked directly to the beginning of the sending logic.

(Chris Rico) #4

I’ve just upgraded Bitcore to v3. Once it’s done reindexing for the new version I’ll let you know if this persists.

(Chris Rico) #5

After a slightly traumatic upgrade to v3.0.0, the problem appears to have resolved itself.

It was slightly traumatic because I didn’t realize it necessitated a database upgrade…