Signing a Bitcore Transaction with a serialized Signature from Bitcoinj from P2SH address

I’m trying to sign a Bitcore transaction with a serialized Elliptic Curve Digital Signature from Bitcoinj. I’m serializing it and returning it to the client, but I am unsure of how to use Bitcore’s api to include this signature in the transaction. Here is some sample code…

        insight.getUnspentUtxos(p2shAddress, function(err, utxos) {
          if (err) {
            // Handle errors...
          } else {
            var signature = $("#signature").val();
            var tx = new bitcore.Transaction().from(utxos).to(returnAddress).fee(tx_fee)
//add signature to the transaction some how


I would really appreciate your insight/help! Thanks!

Did you take a look at Transaction.applySignature(signature)?